Cryogenic System

M Window is a stationary cryogenic storage tank system that stores and supplies gases that are indispensable to industry (including liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied argon, liquefied natural gas, and liquefied carbon dioxide) in a liquid state, maintains them at normal pressure, and automatically supplies them in a liquid or gaseous state continuously or intermittently at a specified pressure and flow rate.

Stainless steel plates are used for the inner tank while rolled steel plates for general structure are used for the outer tank, and are designed and manufactured so that high thermal insulation can be maintained. For this reason, the space between the inner tank and the outer tank is filled with a powder heat insulating material (pearlite) with low heat conductivity to minimize the vaporization of liquefied gas, and the space is evacuated to a high vacuum to minimize the penetration of heat.

An internal pipe is installed between the inner tank and outer tank, and is connected to a control pipe (a valve, an instrument, and an automatic regulating valve) attached to the lower part of the outer surface of the outer tank.

We have a wide range of valves, instrument suitable for cryogenic fluids down to -196degC in both manual, self acting and solenoid operated forms.

Cryogenic Economizers are used to regulate pressure in the system by recirculating valuable gas.

Globe valves for flow control of both cold and hot lines are available with screwed, flanged or weld connections.

Cryogenic check valves, as with all the other manual cryogenic valves are ATEX certified as standard and available in a range of sizes and connection types.

Needle valves for flow control of both cold and hot lines are available with screwed, flanged or weld connections.

Cryogenic Solenoid Valves are used to regulate cryogenic media via an electrical signal to the solenoid coil. Available in sizes from 1/4″ to 1/2″ in both brass and stainless steel. Solenoid protection is IP65 and Ex d ATEX.

We offers Air Purity, Dew Point, Data Logger, Flow meter, Leak Detection, Pressure Gauge, Our team welcomes technical challenges and the opportunity to work closely with a customer to understand the nature of the problem both technically and commercially, so that we can propose the optimum solution. In this we are independent; being able to choose between our partner manufacturers as well as other worldwide manufacturers in order to obtain the best balance for the client.


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